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#1 Posted : 07 December 2017 09:25:37(UTC)

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a mess."Segment the Zhi Be expensive to say:"Does Wu Sheng Guan there still square off, the new county threw behind the Cao Kun on the side big blank on schedule, if does the master son still don't take idea, point to uncertain want to eat much big Kui."
The Yuan gram settles not Mike Piazza Youth Jersey to understand a military and listen to he say big blank on schedule at heart a surprised, hurriedly ask a way:"What to do then?Is difficult don't become some way to also have no?"
"That pours be not, as long as take down Anhui to break siege naturally."Segment the Zhi is expensive to shake head to sway a brain to seem point out the famous general of river's mountain, say:"The beard of Anhui ten thousand Tais and Sun Duo Sen are all our persons, don't see a cypress text Wei be all Du, really need to open dozen not half month Ni Si blunt ability drop him, just now who also not dare to move."
"Yes!"Sprinkle oil on the fire of Wang Yi Tang:"Do not take out a stand rule again, wait until once the congress in March open, north ocean top and bottom several 100,000 soldiers and soldiers' still having our these people will be taught Ren by Yang Qiu and Sung to have fun to die!They say when the time comes the military payroll is too many don't appropriate, don't come right away to abolish, Pedro Baez Youth Jersey we even gather together negative votes not and together, does that don't wait dead."
You are an I a speech say of Yuan gram settle also secretly anxious, but the master son isn't and lightly annoyed, he doesn't dare to disturb again, so think to want to go to could not take a way as well, simply ask Zhao Bing Jun:"Were not you a premier?Do some ways all have no?"
Zhao Bing Jun's wry smile, this big premier of oneself still doesn't know to be how long, however he also knows now fight one is a , total than six advertise for timid bag of Xiang nest's lookinging at seat be on one's own initiative resigned by the Duo grind teeth a way well:"The way pours not to is to have no, if the words done not want to greatly take up arms, so only a path."
"What path?"The Yuan gram settles eyes a bright cross-examine a way:"Say quickly."
The Zhao Bing Jun Chou
Rich Hill Youth Jersey Chou doesn't see person on all sides and depressed body to suddenly rub Zhang to become knife to do a signal for chopping down, the orotund Yin is cold:"Is not poisonous husband not, simply looked for person to kill Yang Qiu and Sung to teach Ren!"He saw 3 people don't talk and continued to say:"All of southwest and Yang-tze River tops were Yang Qiu to say to calculate, he a dead affirm disorderly set of!The people party was there originally a scattered sands, Huang Ke Qiang was beaten by Yang Qiu of all of the drive lose to talk also have no how many persons listen to, big gun went to Japanese momentary half and will return not, as long as removing 2 people, south the noodles still has who can threaten a big president of seat?"
The Yuan gram certainly fiercely swallows a people's saliva and feels that oneself's heart almost jumped out, some frightened way:"This matter is serious can not make a mess of!Sung teaches Ren need not afraid, Rob Segedin Youth Jersey can Yang Qiu Shou hold mighty army, continued more to accept to weave Dian laurel two soldiers recently and heard and set up two new teachers in the set if be like last time Hankow so, who can block live his battalion?"
"Is afraid of!All anyway make the net break of, greatly not open hostilities!He has 200,000 battalions how?We were small 200,000."Segment the Zhi Be expensive to just finish saying, the Yuan gram settles and shakes head:"The non-commissi

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